What is a RIO (Retirement Interest Only) Mortgage?

What is a RIO Mortgage?

The landscape of the mortgage market is continuously evolving, adapting to the needs and financial circumstances of an ageing population. As more people approach retirement, the demand for flexible and tailored mortgage solutions has risen. One such option available to prospective UK borrowers is the Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage. This article aims to explain what a RIO mortgage is, its advantages and disadvantages, eligibility criteria, and how it compares to other mortgage options.

What is a RIO mortgage?

A retirement interest only (RIO) mortgage is a type of mortgage designed specifically for older borrowers, typically those aged 55 and over, who are either approaching retirement or already retired. Unlike a traditional repayment mortgage, where you make monthly payments to cover both the interest and capital, a RIO mortgage only requires you to pay the interest on the loan each month.

The capital borrowed remains outstanding and is repaid when the mortgage term ends, usually upon the sale of the property, the borrower’s entry into long-term care, or their death. This means the mortgage has no fixed term and can potentially last for the borrower’s lifetime.


Affordability: Since you are only required to pay the interest each month, your monthly mortgage payments will be lower compared to a traditional repayment mortgage. This can help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle during retirement.

Flexibility: RIO mortgages can be used for various purposes, including downsizing, releasing equity, or assisting family members with property purchases.

Simplicity: With a RIO mortgage, there is no need to worry about repaying the capital at the end of a fixed term or switching to a new mortgage product.

Inheritance: As the capital is repaid when the property is sold, there may still be funds remaining for your beneficiaries to inherit.


Equity reduction: Since the capital is not being repaid throughout the mortgage term, the equity in your property may decrease over time, leaving less for you or your beneficiaries.

Interest rate fluctuations: Most RIO mortgages are offered on a variable interest rate basis, meaning that your monthly payments can change depending on market conditions.

Limited choice: As RIO mortgages are a niche product, there may be fewer providers and deals to choose from compared to traditional mortgages.

Eligibility criteria

Each lender will have specific criteria to determine eligibility for a RIO mortgage. Generally, applicants must:

  • Be aged 55 or over.
  • Provide evidence of a stable and sufficient income in retirement, such as a pension, investments, or rental income.
  • Have a property with a suitable value and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.
  • Meet the lender’s credit and affordability requirements.

RIO Mortgage vs. Other Mortgage Options

Before opting for a RIO mortgage, it’s crucial to consider other available mortgage options for older borrowers. Some alternatives include:

Lifetime mortgages: A type of equity release product that allows you to borrow against your property without the need for monthly payments. The loan and accrued interest are repaid when the property is sold.

Downsizing: Selling your current property and purchasing a smaller, more affordable one can help release equity and reduce ongoing costs.

Conventional repayment mortgage: If you can afford to make capital repayments, a traditional repayment mortgage could be a suitable option.

In summary, a RIO mortgage can be an attractive solution for older borrowers looking to access funds while maintaining low monthly payments during retirement. However, it’s essential to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages and explore all available options. Consulting with a qualified mortgage adviser is an invaluable step in this process, helping to ensure that the financial product chosen aligns with your retirement goals and financial circumstances.

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